Misfit Union packaging

Misfit Union

Package Copy

An edgy brand story for a maverick start-up on a mission to change the way people bought and consumed food. Package design by RTD.

“Way to go, misfit. You’ve just saved the planet 9 truck trips and made a local farmer happy. And you’re eating good, clean, hand-prepared food that doesn’t come with any ingredients you can’t pronounce. So happy, healthy eating. Enjoy every ounce of this nutrition-packed meal before you recycle our eco-package. Try a new combi­nation every time. And, please, you keep doing you. Don’t fit in. Join the evolution.”

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Video Script

Making fiendishly difficult math simple and hip. The talented folks at Navajo Digital made this video from my script. Play it!

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Reforest Nicosia website

Reforest Nicosia

Brand Voice

One part Don’t Look Up, three parts hard hope, Reforest Nicosia’s new brand voice (and its awesome new website) is kickstarting the fight against climate change in one of Europe’s least green capitals.

“We’re Reforest Nicosia, a grassroots team of local organisers, environ­mental experts, and community volunteers. We’ve planted over 10,000 trees in the wider Nicosia area so far. Our goal is to plant 300,000 — one tree for every resident of the city. (That’s you!) Join our effort to save the planet. Help us green Cyprus.”

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Medovie copywriting samples



The story of a natural skincare company told from start to finish over four weeks and 400 cups of coffee. Deliverables ran the gamut: website and package copy, articles, user stories, social media, marketing emails, video scripts, and a ton of micro­copy.

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Bank of Cyprus mobile app

Bank of Cyprus

UX Writing

A refresh of a popular banking app with oodles of micro­copy that needed a pin­point user journey.

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BECCA Europe visual identity

BECCA Europe

Creative Direction

A total rebrand of an established creative arts funding consultancy with a focus on stories, not stats. Deliverables included visual identity, website design and copy, and newsletters.

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WP Clone website

WP Clone

Website Writing

Helping an SaaS start-up with a highly technical audience get their selling points across without sounding like an IT manual.

“Sock-rocking WordPress management bundles that will make your wallet happy.”

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Article illustration

Centerfield Media

Content Writing

I’ve written a lot of stories over the years, under my own name and as a ghost­writer. Here are a few links to my latest work at Centerfield Media. To see more examples of my work, head on over to Copy Cat. (The little 👻 means I wrote it but you won’t see my name on it.)

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