Why should I work with you?

Remember the last thing you read on the web that just blew you away? I can give you a voice like that. I’m also good with layout and design, so your content will look great, too.

How much do you charge?

As much as this sounds like a cliché, every project is unique, so we can’t talk numbers untill I’ve done a little scoping. But I can, and will, give you an upfront quote before we begin.

Is there anything you don’t write?

I’ve never written a ransom note, a horo­scope, or a Dear John letter. Every­thing else is fair game. 😬

What’s your revision policy?

You get two rounds of revisions on any content I deliver. That’s usually all it takes to get it right. If your project is different, we can work some­thing out.

Are you good with SEO?

Yes! I’m really good with on-page search engine optimization, meta descrip­tions and titles included. So you can stop flush­ing your money away on Google ads. 🎉

Will you work with my designer?

Absolutely. Great writing can’t shine without great design, so working with your team is a lot better for both of us than just dumping a bunch of copy in their laps.



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